I’ve heard it a million times in my HR career. After a conversation has happened, it often doesn’t matter what someone’s intention was if the receiving person perceived it differently.

This happens because the person delivering the message hasn’t done the core work of getting clear and authentic about intention before starting the conversation.

Next time you have a difficult message to deliver, do the inner work first. Evaluate what you really want out of the conversation. It will go far better if your intent is to collaborate, support, or simply care, and it has to be authentic.

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Karen Evers, SPHR, Fractional Chief HR Officer

Karen is passionate about people!

Throughout her career, Karen has been mentored by strong HR leaders that showed her that there are bright, strategic ways to see businesses through a "people lens" - or a belief that human leadership starts with understanding human behavior and motivation.

Over her career, she was on a mission to recruit, coach, develop, and learn from great leaders of people.

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